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2010 Sermons
Christmas I (12/26/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Grace is a gift, a gift of abundant gracious love.  You don't earn it, you don't work for          it, you don't deserve it.  All we need do is accept it.

Christmas Eve (12/24/2010) - Corby Varness
     --God’s love has come down to us tonight.  No matter where you are on your faith                journey, like the simple shepherds, take that small step tonight.  Turn toward the               light of Christ and make room for him in your soul.

Advent 4 (12/19/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --As we have said in the past, “Hail Mary, blessed are you”, let us also say, “Hail                   Joseph, blessed are you, as well.”

Advent 3 (12/12/2010) - Rev. Joyce Avery
    --This Advent we await the coming of the Christ child into our hearts and into our                 lives.  

Advent 2 (12/5/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We are a people of hope.  We are Easter people.  We are Christmas people. 

Advent 1 (11/28/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Ours may be the generation that sees him ride in on clouds or we may meet him as           each of us closes his eyes for the last time.  Either way, our lives are in God's hands.
Christ the King (11/21/2010) - Corby Varness

     --Is Christ our king? If we make him our king, make him first in our lives, then we                 choose to be ruled by his teachings and choose to go out into the world preaching              HIS love.

Montesano Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service (11/16/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --I’m thankful always for the God we all believe in, who allows us free will, even                    including the choice to move away from His presence in our lives.

Pentecost 25 (11/14/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --"In Jesus Christ," we give each other our best efforts, doing good work and serving            human need out of love for one another and our Lord.

Pentecost 24 (11/7/2010) - Ruth Adams (Committee on Alcohol and Substance Abuse)

All Saints Day (10/31/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

     --By the grace of God we have been given the gift of Christ's light, now what are we             going to do with it?

Pentecost 22 (10/24/2010) - Corby Varness
     --Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.  Leave lots of room for God.  Know             that, given the opportunity, God will pour his infinite grace and mercy on me. 

Pentecost 21 (10/17/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --Be a faithful persistent servant--don’t ever quit."  For God never abandons us in this         ministry.

Pentecost 20 (10/10/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --We recognize what God’s grace and love has done for us, and we respond in praise           and worship to God, in love to each other, and in faith look to the eternal salvation              we are heirs to receive one day.

Pets Blessing/St. Francis (10/3/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --God and Dog do have a lot in common!

Pentecost 18 (9/26/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --God made us to be united one with another in community. 

Pentecost 17 (9/19/2010) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --God wants it all.  God wants our hearts!

Pentecost 16 (9/12/2010) - Corby Varness
     --Even when we forget God, when we forget to pray; we can know with complete                 certainty that God does not forget us. 

Sagen Funeral Homily (9/9/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Lift us up, O gracious God, that we may see further.

Pentecost 15 (9/5/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --God, strength and sustain us, with patience and understanding, to love and care for           all of your people.

Pentecost 14 (8/29/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --We are called to God’s feast, we matter big time to God.  Share that feast!

Pentecost 13 (8/22/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --The question is, “Is there grace for the snake?”

Pentecost 12 (8/15/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Consider everyday, the many ways you are serving as Christ’s hands to others.  

Pentecost 11 (8/8/2010) - Corby Varness
     --Go into every place.  Go live the Word of God’s redeeming grace.  Go seek God’s                 presence in each time and space.

Pentecost 10 (8/1/2010) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --When we choose to serve, Almighty God, we choose to follow Christ’s directions for           the journey into his new life. 

Pentecost 9 (7/25/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --We see the face of Jesus in the rejected and the labeled.  May those who have                    experienced abuse find comfort in Jesus.

Pentecost 8 (7/18/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --Because of our love of God and Jesus Christ we as individuals and as a church                     community help those less fortunate around us.

Pentecost 7 (7/11/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We only need two loves in our lives: for God, and for the person in front of us at any         particular time. 

Pentecost 6 (7/4/2010) - Corby Varness
     --We all strive together toward a common goal of loving God and living God’s word in           the world.

Pentecost 6 (7/4/2010) - Sarah Monroe (at the Church of God, Montesano)
     --We can work in our wonderful nation for peace and love, and stand with the long line         of national heroes that have tried to be faithful to Jesus’ call to love.

Pentecost 5 (6/27/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --With God’s never ending grace we are able to set our face and walk with Jesus, even         to Jerusalem.

Pentecost 4 (6/20/2010) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Fathers, you are an example to those around you, especially to children. Be a person         of character and integrity. 

Pentecost 3 (6/13/2010) - Corby Varness
     --God has so much love for us.  We are freed by our confession and absolution to turn           our souls to God.

Pentecost 2 (6/6/2010) - Jim Campbell
--We can know that the Holy Spirit is there with us, and we can be confident in His                response when we ask.

Trinity (5/30/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --We are all invited to take the hand of the Spirit and join the dance of God. 

Pentecost (5/23/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Whenever new voices speak in the spirit of God’s love there is Pentecost.

Easter 7 (5/16/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --Our hope as a church community to be faithful witnesses of Christ’s love is with each          other.

Easter 6 (5/9/2010) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid; Jesus has prepared the disciples to                   receive peace of soul and the inner power to carry out Christian ministry to the                  world.

Easter 5 (5/2/2010) - Corby Varness
 --“We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord. We pray that all unity may one                  day be restored. And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”

St. Mark Day (4/25/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick (100th anniversary of St. Mark's Church, Montesano)
     --We are the heirs of an extraordinary spirit, the spirit of pioneers.

Easter 3 (4/18/2010) - Corby Varness
     --“Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?" 

Easter 3 (4/18/2010) - Sarah Monroe (at the Church of God, Montesano)
     --God welcomes all, includes all, loves all.  It is a dream that hatred will turn to love…             it is the ultimate proclamation that God is love. 

Easter 2 (4/11/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --"Churches that value reconciliation over judgment and acceptance over                                  condemnation get that way by choosing wisely at key moments, never losing                     sight of their purpose—to bring wholeness to broken lives, immersing each                          person and situation in God’s grace.”

Easter Sunday (4/4/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --This resurrection life gives us hope that we can leave the tomb and find new life in              our lives and in the life of our world.

Maundy Thursday (4/1/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell (at St. Luke, Elma)
    --“Everyone in His kingdom is in the same boat, and if they want to be great, they                  must be servants.”

Palm Sunday (3/28/2010) - Passion Reading
     --Luke 22:14 - 23:56

Lent 5 (3/21/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Our God can make paths through the ocean and rivers in the desert.  What form will           our acts of extravagance take?

Lent 4 (3/14/2010) - Corby Varness
     --Let’s find our failings, our weaknesses, then get to work on them.  We are lost but             we can be found.  God WILL forgive us with bountiful grace.

Lent 3 (3/7/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Thanks be to God for a compassionate gardener who tends us, who grants second              chances, and gives us the special care we each need.

Lent 2 (2/28/2010) - Jim Campbell
     --Our own Christian faith is not about believing just the right things about God and               then using that premise to try to control everything and everyone around us, but               about trusting that God will remake us in His image, full of grace and truth. 

Lent 1 (2/21/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --Jesus knows what it is like to ask questions, Jesus knows what it is like to suffer,               Jesus knows what it is like to feel abandoned by God.  Let’s remember, that even in         our brokenness, we look forward to Easter. 

Epiphany 6 (2/14/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We and those around us are in the process of being transfigured/transformed by the          Holy Spirit in the relationships we have with one another and with God.  Let us                  always be mindful to look for this transformation in ourselves and others.

Epiphany 5 (2/7/2010) - Corby Varness
     --Let’s put our nets out into deep water. Let’s use this opportunity of Lent to                       challenge ourselves and go deeper into our faith. 

Epiphany 4 (1/31/2010) - Sarah Monroe
     --If Jesus came to our little church here in Montesano, who would he say that we were         forgetting? Who would he point out that we should include?

Epiphany 3 (1/24/2010) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Jesus revealed God’s grace through scripture and story.  We are called to carry on             His ministry and be storytellers today. 

Epiphany 2 (1/17/2010) - Corby Varness
     --“Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on             it, everyone benefits. All kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit, and to all                   kinds of people! The variety is wonderful!”

Epiphany 1 (1/10/2010) - Sarah Monroe

     --The fellowship of the baptized is destined to complete Jesus’ mission to offer                      welcome to all. Not only must we become aware of the fact that God accepts us, we          must extend that acceptance in the world. 

Christmas 2 (1/3/2010) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell

     --Let us pause and behold the child who is just like us.  Let the lump in the throat form         and let our hearts run to Bethlehem to behold the newborn king.  Let us live in this           moment of Christmas before it steals away again.