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Latest Finances Summary
Summary of St. Mark’s Finances—5/15/2018 (last 3/20/2018)

Net Operating Year to Date--$-1,316.46 (last $-1,557.61) 
We are staying about even with the previous deficit from March, as we hit the Summer and Fall months when operating expenses are low.  Our challenge will be having any funds for outreach going forward, unless we use the Sagen gift to cover them.  

Total Operating Expenses--$13,701.66 (last $10,846.11)
Highlights—All bills received and paid current (except for 2nd qtr insurance payment--just received).  

‚ÄčOutreach to Date—$7,922   Diocesan Assessment Required/Paid—$622

Total Operating Revenues--$12,385.20 (last $9,288.50)
Overall, total revenues for the year are below budgeted levels. Pledge revenues are very short so far,  while plate revenues are already at the year end projection expected.  
Non-Operating Revenues--$-399.47  Non-Operating Expenses--$92.89
Net Non-Operating Year to Date--$-492.36

Net All Operating and Non-Operating Year to Date--$-1,808.82 (last $1,197.85)
St. Mark's, Montesano Funds Summary—Total is $71,134.34
Operating Fund (General)--$5,612.34 (last $5,371.19)
  • General/Designated Checking Account—$5,108.34 (last $4,867.12)
  • General/Designated Savings Account--$504.07 (last $504.07)
Diocesan Investment Fund (St Mark Legacy)--$27,480.69 (last $27,805.55)  (Report for April not available yet)
  • Memorial Fund (part of DIF)--$718.91 (last $727.41)
Diocesan Investment Fund (St John Legacy)--$36,750.93 (last $37,185.31)  
Clergy Discretionary Fund/Checking Account--$679.41 (last $772.29)