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Latest Finances Summary
Summary of St. Mark’s Finances—11/27/2017 (Last-10/16/2017)
Net Operating Year to Date--$4,123.17 ($611.83) 
$5,000 remains from the Sagan estate gift for outreach, after the DIF was used to pay it back for the $3,564 for the paving project in the parking area in the back of the church. We have paid out A LOT of outreach type items as part of closing out the St. John's accounts, and also for our St. Mark's outreach this year to date.   We also gave $2,150 between St. Mark's and St. John's for the Cathedral project. 

Total Operating Expenses--$34,348.39 ($31,701.72)
Highlights—All bills received are paid current for the year.  
‚ÄčOutreach to Date--$18,117   Diocesan Assessment Required/Paid--$1,065

Total Operating Revenues--$38,471,56 ($32,313.55)
Overall, total revenues for the year are at budgeted levels, not including the Sagan gift.   

Non-Operating Revenues--$7,717.13  Non-Operating Expenses--$1,263.72
Net Non-Operating Year to Date--$6,453.41

Net All Operating and Non-Operating Year to Date--$10,576.58 ($6,105.31)
St. Mark's, Montesano Funds Summary—Total is $77,010.15 (last--$76,192.88)
  • Operating Fund (General)--$8,898.03 (last--$5,386.69)
    • General/Designated Checking Account—$8,393.98 (last--$4,882.65)
    • General/Designated Savings Account--$504.05 (last--$504.04)
  • Diocesan Investment Fund (St Mark Legacy)--$26,793.66 (last--$29,967.56)
    • Memorial Fund (part of DIF)--$688.76 (last--$677.90)
  • Diocesan Investment Fund (St John Legacy)--$40,517.08 (last--$39,877.97)  
  • Clergy Discretionary Fund/Checking Account--$801.38 (last--$960.66)