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2011 Sermons
Christmas Day (12/25/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --This is what Jesus wants for all of us—that we will come to accept each other, regardless of their faith, and to live side by side. 

Christmas Eve (12/24/2011) - Jim Campbell

     --Let’s all just ignore that which frustrates us about Christmas—and enjoy this service, each other, our family and friends, pray for and help those with less to celebrate this season, and joyfully remember why we are celebrating this holiday--over the next twelve days!

Advent 4 (12/18/2011) - Corby Varness
     --Christmas is coming.  We can be full of more than Christmas spirit, we can be full of Christ himself.  Like Mary, let us sing out: “Here I am Lord!”  

Advent 3 (12/11/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --May the coming of Christmas enable us to see our life in this perspective!  "Lift up your Hearts".  We lift them up unto the Lord!"

Advent 2 (12/04/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

     --Advent is a time of repentance and preparation.  It is a time to take a look at ourselves to see if we need to clear the way so that we might more fully reflect the generosity of Christ.  We are all called to be Christ in this time and this place.

Advent 1 (11/27/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --This probably sounds as though it is impossible to measure up.  We all fall short. “He will never give up on you.  Never forget that.”  Therein lies our hope on this Sunday of hope. 

Christ the King/Pentecost XXIII (11/20/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --Of everything Jesus said and did, this is what is most important for all of us to understand—we are to BELIEVE in Him, and then ACT in the world to show His love for those less fortunate.

Pentecost XXII (11/13/2011) - Corby Varness

     --Parable of the Talents dilemma: "If we bury our talents and gifts and don’t put them out into the world, God will be angry with us and we won’t reap any rewards."  VS. "Let us stand with the needy in our society as a people, as a church.  Let us seek to meet Jesus in the faces of the least among us."

All Saints Sunday (11/6/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --The saints lead us into the fullness of life that God intends for us all. 

Pentecost XX (10/30/2011) - Corby Varness
     --We will always have yet one more more chance to get it right, to embrace Jesus' call to be servants, to see our neighbors at every turn, to see them and to love them, unselfishly, unreservedly. 

Pentecost XIX (10/23/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --So let’s be intentional in how we live.  Let’s choose to love others as we love ourselves.  Let’s choose to love God with all that we have and with all that we are.

Pentecost XVIII (10/16/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --We are imprinted with the image of God.  Our task is to live into that image in our political and economic choices and in our love of family and friends. 

Pentecost XVII (10/9/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --We, as servants of God, are to do as the slaves in this Gospel story—to compel the “poor, maimed, blind and lame”, the homeless, and the hurting to come to God’s house and banquet. 

Bless Pets Sunday (10/2/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery

     --No wonder people enjoy the opportunity to take their animal companions to church for a special blessing.  Church is the place where the bond of creation is celebrated.

Pentecost XV (9/25/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --It is often a stretch between what we believe and what we do, and our Gospel reminds us we are to do the will of our Father.

Pentecost XIV (9/18/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --I want to remember that God is waiting and watching and is always delighted when one of us turns into the light of his full love and compassion.  Let’s be there to help each other and the new folks do the work we need to do.

Pentecost XIII (9/11/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --"So my heavenly Father will also do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”  We affirm this in saying our Lord's Prayer; we pray: "forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us."  Our own need of forgiveness becomes the basis upon which we freely forgive others.  We forgive because we have been forgiven.

Pentecost XII (9/4/2011) - Corby Varness
     --What if we sat down today and figured out what really, really matters to each of us?  If we determine our deepest priorities we can live our lives according to these priorities.  We don’t have to wait for illness or disaster to do this deep, soul work.

Pentecost XI (8/28/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --The "Kingdom Of God Within."  It is the source of the strength we need to take up our cross daily.  It is the source of the love we need to make the Gospel we preach effective in the world.

Pentecost X (8/21/2011) - Sarah Monroe
     --You are living lives of love in your communities.  You are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus in this place.  Keep asking the question and keep telling people what you have found.  In you, Jesus lives again.

Pentecost IX (8/14/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Let us see and listen to others, let us search for that which is truly important while always speaking from the heart.  "Oh, how good and pleasant it is when all brethren live together in unity."

Pentecost VIII (8/7/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --God watches each of us and somehow, some way, even when we get in the way, he will use us to extend the kingdom of God.  

Pentecost VII (7/31/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --It is sort of like how we are in our church community at St. Mark’s—bring yourself as you are and what you offer and see how you can contribute to the well-being of our faithful Christian community and also grow in your own love, faith and sense of belonging.

Pentecost VI (7/24/2011) - Corby Varness
     --Small and insignificant, we love each other and try to love the world.  Small and insignificant, perhaps, like the mustard seed we are like the kingdom of heaven. 

Pentecost V (7/17/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --"My family is all God's people and we have God's promise that we will never be alone." 

Pentecost IV (7/10/2011) - Sarah Monroe 
     --It is that resting, that renewal that helps us find a harvest of love and peace and abundance that Jesus said he came to bring.

Pentecost III (7/3/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Knowing we're not alone, knowing Jesus partners with us we can accomplish so much more than trying to go it alone.  Jesus lifts up our souls with hope and help.

Pentecost II (6/26/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Our obedience to help when we can and to accept help when we need it is part of accepting God’s love for us.

Trinity Sunday (6/19/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --The mission to go forth and share good news has been given to us.  And as long as we never get confused about this, being a missionary church will mean being a church of grace and of peace and of hope.

Pentecost (6/12/2011) - Corby Varness
     --The Holy Spirit doesn’t have skin on.  But God filled the apostles, and God fills us with the Holy Spirit so that we can be God with skin on!  We can each use our gifts to help others know God’s love.

Easter VII (6/5/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Christ wanted us to be one in unity, for our own good, for the good of the Church and for the betterment of the whole world.

Easter VI (5/29/2011) - Sarah Monroe
--Pray that we can all see our connection to the Big Soul—our connection to Jesus, to each other, to our communities, to all people.

Easter V (5/22/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --"Remember your home, your place of belonging will always be here for you.  Remember to love God and neighbor and yourself."

Easter IV (5/15/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Now we’re named and kept for good by the Shepherd of our souls.”  Now that is living an “awed” life!

Easter III (5/8/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --If we can only rely on the Holy Spirit in each of us, we can do great things for Christ and have peace in our hearts.

Easter II (5/1/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --We need to be in community.  It is a serious mistake to withdraw from the community of faith because, in so doing, we may miss the Resurrection gift of new life in Christ--the gift we need most of all.

Easter (4/24/2011) - Corby Varness
     --Jesus chooses us, as we are, with all of our failings.  Never forget that Jesus forgives us and loves us as he loved Mary and the disciples.  He loves us now, this moment, just as we are.

Friday Lunch Passion Message (4/15/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --When we have come against obstacles and discouragement how has God persevered alongside us? 

Lent V (4/10/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --We don't have to wait until the end of time to be reunited with our Lord; he is always with us.  Jesus lives in us throughout our time on earth, remains with us through death and into life eternal.

Lent IV (4/3/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We are skeptics and we don’t believe what we see but we believe what we know. We sometimes need to set aside what we know and experience the world through new eyes.  Then seeing IS believing. 

Lent III (3/27/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --The Samaritan woman at the well is that clear example for us.  She simply told the people what Jesus done for her personally, that he knew her better than anyone else, that he was surely the Messiah that they had been looking for.

Lent III Friday Lunch Message (3/25/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

Lent II (3/20/2011) - Corby Varness

     --Do you have any idea how much God loves the world?  He gave his only son so that you might have eternal life.  Indeed, God did not send his son to condemn the world but to save the world.

Lent I (3/13/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Lent is a time to pray for a change of heart and life, a renewal of faith.  "Happy are we whose transgressions are forgiven, and whose sin is put away!" 

Ash Wednesday (3/9/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

Epiphany IX (3/6/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

     --"This is my beloved son, listen to him."

Epiphany VIII (2/27/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Don’t worry, just keep loving God and do the work you have been given to do.

Epiphany VII (2/20/2011) - Jim Campbell
--"You are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you.”  As faithful Christians this is in essence our belief statement.

Epiphany VI (2/13/2011) - Corby Varness
     --Jesus wants us to learn to ask God for help.        

Epiphany V (2/6/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery

     --God has a plan for us, and it is up to us to carry it out.  In God's eyes, we are the light and salt of the world.  

Epiphany IV (1/30/2011) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --When we find ourselves at the end of our rope, God promises, “it's ok, I am with you!” and in that moment we are blessed.

Epiphany III (1/23/2011) - Corby Varness
     --"The church can offer a message of hope and reconciliation to a nation that is hurting and deeply divided. We will strive to create common prayer and community discussion as we come together to seek God's will for our nation and our world.” 

Epiphany II (1/16/2011) - Jim Campbell
     --We too have been equipped for this important work and have what it takes to be God’s people—witnessing with passion his message to “come and see”.

Epiphany I (1/9/2011) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --When we renew our baptismal covenant, each of us will be asked to affirm that we will-with God's help-undertake a series of responsibilities: to continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ, to seek and served Christ in all persons, to strive for justice and peace  among all people. 

Christmas II (1/2/2011) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Grace is a gift, a gift of abundant gracious love.  You don't earn it, you don't work for it, you don't deserve it.  All we need do is accept it.