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2011 Year Events
January 10: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
January 11: Worship Team (9:30AM)
January 12: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
January 16: Church Annual Meeting (after worship)
January 30: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

February 8: Worship Team (9:30AM)
February 14: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
February 23: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
February 27: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

March 5: Wardens Conference @ Immanuel, Mercer Island
March 8: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day (11AM-6:30PM)
March 9: Ash Wednesday/Soup & Bread Meal (6:00PM)
March 14: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
March 15: Worship Team (10AM)
March 16: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
March 27: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)
March 27: Willapa Region Meeting @ St. Mark's (2:00-4:00PM)

April 4-6: Clergy Conference @ Alderbrook Inn
April 11: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
April 12: Worship Team (9:30AM)
April 13: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
April 15-16: TCM Retreat @ Christ Church, Anacortes
April 17: Palm/Passion Sunday @ St. Mark's (10:00AM)
April 21: Joint Maundy Thursday Service/Meal w/St. Luke's & Church of God and Methodist Church (6:30PM)
April 22: Good Friday Service @ St. Mark's (Noon)
            Ecumenical GF Service @ Assembly of God (7PM)
April 24: Easter Sunday Service (10AM)

May 9: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
May 10: Worship Team (9:30AM)
May 18: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
May 22: Willapa Region Meeting @ St. Mark's (2:00-4:00PM)
May 29: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

June 12: Pentecost Sunday Service (10AM)
June 14: Worship Team (9:30AM)
June 15: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
June 20: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
June 26: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

July 11-15 Ecum Bible Camp
July 18: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
July 19: Worship Team (9:30AM)
July 24: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

August 6: Rummage Sale (9:00AM-3:00PM)
August 15: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
August 17: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
August 21: Annual Picnic at St. Mark's (after worship)
August 28: Rhonni LaCroix Kenya Trip Presentation (after worship)

September 6: Worship Team (10AM)
September 19: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
September 21: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
September 25: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)

October 2: Blessing of the Pets Sunday (10AM)
October 8: Pre Convention Meeting @ St. James, Kent
October 17: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
October 19: BC Meeting (6:30PM)
October 21-22: Diocesan Convention at Lynnwood
October 30: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)
October 31: Halloween for Kids (5PM)

November 1: Worship Team (9:30AM)
November 6: All Saints Celebration (10AM)
November 10-13: Cursillo @ St. Margaret's, Bellevue
November 21: Spiritual Book Club (12noon)
November 27: Potluck/Fellowship Meal (after worship)
November 30: BC Meeting (6:30PM)

December 4: Decorate for Montesano Festival of Lights 
December 18: Potluck Meal and Decorate Worship Space for Christmas (11:30AM)
December 21: Blue Christmas Service at Bible Study (10:00AM)
December 24: Christmas Eve Service (5PM)