St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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2011 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day Event

Everyone was prepped and ready on Monday morning for the Tuesday

Rev. Bonnie Campbell explains to son Jim the process for mixing
up the unique from scratch pancake batter, the same recipe used
for 101 years!

Some of the early day kitchen crew as we opened for service!

Lunchtime was slow but continuous.  Plenty of support for all being served, including some of the crew sitting and visiting with customers.

Chris Boardman and Rev. Dorothy McMeekin greeted people
for the first few hours, and welcomed old friends.

During a quieter early afternoon moment, Kevin Varness and
Lee Avery take a break.

Several of the crew break for their own time to enjoy the
wonderful pancakes and visit with friends.

Rev. Lorraine Dierick from St. Mark's and Pastor Marc Rice from
the Church of God visit over lunch. 

The last hour the event was slammed with people constantly filling all
52 seats available (actually more like 60, as we added seats at several
tables for large groups!), and we actually doubled the proceeds during
that time.  Thanks to everyone for your support!