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Easter Sunday 2011 Pictures

Easter morning--of course it was rainy, after a sunny day on Saturday!

The Alleluia Banner (put away for Lent) has been found and displayed over the refreshments table.  And a large bunny--mixed Easter message--no problem!

Ready for the start of the service--with the flower cross, the processional cross, the Gospel book, and the font with water pitcher.  Lots of color!

Blessing the water for the aspersing of the Baptised people!

Rev. Avery sprinkles the people--remember your Baptism!

The clergy sprinkle each other!

At the end of communion, the clergy receive the bread and wine last--true servants of the people.

Ready for the Easter egg hunt!  Plenty of eggs, with rain holding off.

Playing with an Easter duck!

Fellowship and treats (great pies!) while waiting for the hunt to begin.

 For the 10 kids, about three dozen eggs each--the grounds were full of eggs with no foliage to hide them in.  Really strange Spring weather puts the growth about a month behind.

Checking out the "haul" of eggs after the hunt--full baskets!

More refreshments and conversation!