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2011 Annual Rummage Sale

Tuesday morning, the start of the set up for the sale! An empty room!

All this stuff brought down from upstairs and in from members and friends!

More of the same! 

Sorting and marking all this will take days!  Unless--we don't mark everything!  The plan--mark the best stuff and the rest goes for $5 a grocery bag!

Saturday morning--ready for the sale!  The calm before the storm--of people!

They're waiting to come in!  And buying outside as they waited!

The buying was brisk for at least three hours!  And we were getting a lot of good stuff to people who needed it--or at least wanted it cheaply!  We even wheeled an upholstered green cloth rocking chair sold to one nearby person three blocks to her house in her old little red wagon!

Over $900 in sales, mostly at $5, or less, a bag!  And the remaining stuff goes to another worthy group to sell!  All funds will be donated to local needs!