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Blessing of the Pets 2011

Our signboard welcomed all to attend and get their pets blessed!

A small but warm and friendly group participates in a service dedicated just for pets and pet owners, at our main service Sunday!

Rev. Lorraine Dierick blesses one of the 12 dogs present, while Jeff Varness takes photos.

Lee Avery with Melissa!

April Collett came back for a visit and blessing of her 2 dogs, Skipper and Daisy, from Chehalis.

Lorraine leads us in a prayer for God's creation, and our stewardship of everything.

Kevin Varness with Lucy!

Kate Andrews with Jesse!

Laura LaCroix with Buck!

Nancy Glasscock with Izzy and Buddy Davidson with Abby!

Gene and Christie Walker with Winnie!

Cher Griffin with Pooh!

Several of these dogs know each other!!  A friendly reunion!!

Coming to the parish hall for treats--humans and pets!!


Plenty of cake and dog treats!!

It even worked out for former high school friends to meet again after about 30 years!  What a great event!!

I guess Jesse really liked its treat--a squeak pillow!!  Oh, well!