St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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2011 Advent Season

The colors used for this Advent season are shades of medium, or sarum, blue.  The large cross and the old altar both have hangings, the altar with the "O Come" invitation to Jesus.

More blue, on the ambo (lecturn/pulpit) and the candles in the Advent "wreath".

The sarum blue chasable for the presiding priest each week.  The Advent wreath, placed on the same stand used for the Paschal candle; it has been used since 1970 for this season.

The Nativity scene parts have been placed, in anticipation of the Christmas event.

                                             The stable is ready!

      A shepherd and his sheep!                                      Joseph and Mary!!

The wise men, at the back of the church, have a long way to come!

                                       All set for Holy Communion!

Rev. Bonnie Campbell and Rev. Joyce Avery raise the bread and wine at the offering.

Rev. Bonnie Campbell displays the sarum blue chasable for Advent.