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Decorating and Christmas Season 2011
Outside Decorating

Our reader board was made ready!   Greens for the two doors--worship and parish hall were hung.

Christmas lights were hung to fit in the neighborhood and for the Festival of Lights.

Inside Parish Hall Decorating

More greens hung around inside the parish hall!

Our small parish hall Nativity set--the Wise Men and others in wait!

More of the Nativity set displayed in the parish hall.

A combination of Nativity set placed and stockings hung on the parish hall hearth.

Our parish hall Christmas tree for the various groups using the room to enjoy.  And a Wise Men pillow!

Worship Space Decorating

Setting up the Christmas tree and the altar for Christmas Eve.

Two grandson enjoy their RC cars in the nave while others bring up plenty of poinsettias to decorate the church.  Sacraligious!?  

Greens and flowers placed in our small holders on both sides of the nave.  

The church is decorated and waiting for the Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Eve Service and Celebration

Rev. Lorraine Dierick (center), with Mary Venske (left) and Deacon Joyce Avery ready for the service.

Fellowship and nice Christmas treats after the worship service!

Epiphany Sunday
Our parish hall Nativity set--the Wise Men have arrived to see the baby Jesus!

Our large Nativity set in the worship space--Wise Men in place!  It is Epiphany!