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2012 Sermons
Christmas 1 (12/30/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --As Christians, we experience the blessedness of life given to us by the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.

Christmas Eve (12/24/2012) - Corby Varness
     --We all stray from that path but we are trying Lord, we are doing our best.  Thank you, Lord for coming down to be here with us!

Advent 4 (12/23/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --This is the perfect time for a child to be born.  Let‘s take the risk to be holy people and magnify the Lord here on earth.

Advent 3 (12/16/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Remember God is always with us, goodness is greater than wickedness. Love wins. Everyday pray for those who grieve. Everyday be thankful for God's bountiful loving kindness and share it with others.

Advent 2 (12/09/2012) - Jim Campbell

     --Find and act on some of these opportunities, and embrace this message of hope and love and share it with others, especially as you prepare yourself for the birth of Jesus.

Advent 1 (12/02/2012) - Corby Varness
     --Let us go through our Advent, and indeed our lives in just such a posture, eager to meet the liberation Christ brings.

Pentecost 26 (11/25/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Christ is ..."The Lord of creation and Lord of my life, Lord of the land and the sea".

Pentecost 25 (11/18/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --God has not promised sun without rain or joy without sorrow.  Yet God has promised strength for the day, light for the way, and unfailing hope and love, now and forever.

Pentecost 24 (11/11/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell

      --I’m not looking at what the church needs, I’m looking at what God has given me and I feel a deep need to give to the church.

All Saints Sunday (11/04/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell (St. Mark's), Jim Campbell (St. Benedict's, Lacey)
     --We are blessed over and over by these great souls who passed this way before us. As we give of what we have let’s remember these saints of God.

Pentecost 22 (10/28/2012) - Corby Varness

     --God is big.  God is strong.  God is powerful.  God can take our prayers, our cries, our heartfelt yells. God can handle our full throated prayers.  So let us pray with all our hearts and souls to God.

Pentecost 21 (10/21/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Let us put aside our ideas of worldly greatness and aspire to touch "the least of these" with God's love and mercy.

Pentecost 20 (10/14/2012) - Corby Varness
     --When we cry out to God, when we seek God, God hears.  God listens. God is with us.

St. Francis-Bless Your Pets Day (10/7/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --God is here with us and we can see God in all the creatures we encounter.  So, kitty come join our morning prayers!

Pentecost 18 (9/30/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --Friends, this Christian faith we have in so many ways is not complicated.  Love God and love your neighbor!

Pentecost 17 (9/23/2012) - Corby Varness

      --Let us each just do our best at living out the wisdom of today’s teachings.   Help the poor and the needy and do it with a smile.  Get down on your knees before God and God will draw near to you.  If you want first place, take the last place.  Be the servant of all!

Pentecost 16 (9/16/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
      --"Who Do You Say That I Am?"  Continue to have conversation with him as we strive to follow him in his mission to bring Jubilee, Justice, and Peace to all people while respecting the dignity of every human being. 

Pentecost 15 (9/09/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
      --Thank God for pushy women and pushy men!

Pentecost 14 (9/02/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
      --If we were so in love with God and excited about spending time together such that it always seemed like Springtime, we could perhaps understand how much God wants to spend time with us--how much God wants us to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pentecost 13 (8/26/2012) - Jim Campbell
      --When we come to receive communion it is required that we should examine our lives (we listen to the Readings and the Sermon and reflect on them!), repent of our sins (we say the Confession together!), and be in love and charity with all people (we pass the Peace with each other!).”

Pentecost 12 (8/19/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell

      --We come here on Sundays to take Jesus inside ourselves when we consume the bread and wine and then we take Christ out into the world.

Pentecost 11 (8/12/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --How much more to be learned, therefore, from the very source of nature, the very source of all creation, the very source of our life itself!

Pentecost 10 (8/5/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --What do you hear in Jesus' words, "I am the bread of life"?  Think of what feeds you spiritually.  How do we grow into believing in Jesus more deeply? Is it in prayer, receiving the Eucharist, music and hymn singing, in reading and hearing the words of Jesus in scripture?

Pentecost 9 (7/29/2012) - Corby Varness
     --We all have dark, scary times. When you are there close your eyes and see Jesus calmly walking toward you, through the dark, through the storm, arms outstretched.  Jesus, walks on water to you in your need; bringing abundant love and compassion to you through the storm. 

Pentecost 8 (7/22/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --Our latest church reader board message says: “Compassion in Action”.  I believe that describes St. Mark’s well!  Let us continue to be one of those Real Church communities, and follow the message of Jesus in doing what a real church does!

Pentecost 7 (7/15/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Sin is real and faith is real, often side by side in one event and one character.  David was not all bad nor was he all good.  Yet his relationship with God continued for David had a heart for God.

Pentecost 6 (7/8/2012) - Sarah Monroe

Pentecost 5 (7/1/2012) - Corby Varness

     --Jesus preached a perfect, complete sermon in seconds when he said: “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

Pentecost 4 (6/24/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --I hope we have all encountered Jesus in our lives.  That we have come to know at least something of who he is....We can live large lives if we remain aware that God is always with us.

Pentecost 3 (6/17/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --With a good heart and a true faith in God and using the Holy Spirit, although it can seem like our influence is but a small thing, we can be huge Christians in the world around us.

Pentecost 2 (6/10/2012) - Corby Varness
     --Let us be fearless in our willingness to try everything we can to act a little crazy like Jesus.  Let’s see what we can do to make St. Marks the most welcoming church around! 

Trinity (6/3/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --A new beginning is possible.  God wants you to experience what it’s like to enter the kingdom of God for yourself and oh, what birth it is!

Pentecost (5/27/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --The Holy Spirit brings hope, courage, joy, strength, goodness, and wisdom.  The Holy Spirit is our companion on the way.

Easter VII (5/20/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell

     --Jesus will help us by giving us what we need to tell the world about him.  He will help us to grow in truth and holiness.  We can share the gifts God has given us in this place and we can draw others in to share their God-given gifts, too.

Easter VI (5/13/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --Our community common and individual outreach has at its heart giving to help mothers and their families.  As we show our love of Christ in the world—everyday--remember to especially honor those mothers we encounter, and do what we can to help them show their love to their families.

Easter V (5/6/2012) - Corby Varness
     --Very, very early in the church this story is told to make it clear to the new followers of Christ just how radical, just how inclusive they are meant to be.  Everyone, Everyone.  God loves the outsider, the stranger, the black man, the eunuch.  Everyone.  Everyone.  God loves everyone.

Easter IV (4/29/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --This is the story of an Easter people, called by Jesus, to call his own, each by name, often quietly, without a lot of fuss, into his abiding love. 

Easter III (4/22/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

     --We are called to be God's hands and feet in the world, to be God with skin on.  By doing so we may be the only opportunity for another to encounter the presence of the risen Christ.

Easter II (4/15/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --I live in community-we live in community. We support one another in the time and the money we give to this church. We are a community of open hands.

Easter Sunday (4/8/2012) - Jim Campbell
       --We have come today, with singing, and bells (even a cowbell!), and lots of flowers, to proclaim the Good News that Jesus Christ died on the Cross, was raised in three days, and lives again.

Maundy Thursday (4/5/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --When you help, you see life as weak.  When you fix, you see life as broken.  When you serve, you see life as whole.

Palm Sunday (4/1/2012) - The Passion reading (everyone participated!)

Lent V (3/25/2012) - Corby Varness

     --Christ risked death on the cross to draw us to him.  We can let go of our lives to follow his path of love.  Isn’t that the least we can do for him?

Lent IV (3/18/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --For God So Loved the World, That he gave his only begotten son, That whosoever believeth in him, Should not parish, But have everlasting life.

Lent III (3/11/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick

     --Jesus makes God accessible and extends God's presence into all aspects of our lives.  Jesus grants us authority to go out into the world to love and serve the Lord.

Lent II (3/4/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We will get tired when we give the most we can give--our lives, our time, our energy and our emotions but it is still better to burn out than to rust out. By burning brightly we will find the way to God.

Lent I (2/26/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --God's covenant he made with Noah is an unconditional covenant, a covenant of love in which God promises to remember us even if we forget God. 

Epiphany VII (2/19/2012) - Corby Varness

     --Jesus also lived among us in a human body but in today’s gospel, when he ascends to the mountaintop with his friends, he sheds his human image a bit and we see the  bright light of his true self revealed. 

Epiphany VI (2/12/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --It is about living as we believe Jesus Christ showed us and would want us to—to help others (including our own families, friends and other dear ones!), and those in our community with money and our time and efforts to make the world a better place for everyone we meet. 

Epiphany V (2/05/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Only God is God.  God is above and beyond all earthly powers.  We desperately need to hear these words as we are living today in economic and cultural systems much greater than anyone in Isaiah's day could imagine.

Epiphany IV (1/29/2012) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --For Christians, transformation must become a way of life.  Christ has changed everything.  He has brought reconciliation and hope to a world darkened by the consequences of sin and death.

Epiphany III (1/22/2012) - Jim Campbell
     --The book of Jonah, the best (or worst) example in the Bible of being disobedient to God, how God can take that disobedience and turn it around, and what we can learn from this example.

Epiphany II (1/15/2012) - Corby Varness

     --“Here I am, Lord.  Speak.  I am your servant and I am listening.”

Epiphany I (1/08/2012) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Imagine yourself dripping wet with your baptismal faith as you encounter the world and love those who are in it.

Christmas I (1/01/2012) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --What if we like Mary, Joseph and the shepherds simply said, “Yes Lord", thereby living into the fullness of God's desire for us?