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Snow Day! Epiphany II

Snow!  Easiest ever to shovel, though!  Notice our signboard telling all about our new video!

The snow almost covered up the Slippery When Wet or Icy sign!

The trees are beautiful with the snow covering them!  Another inch fell during the worship service.

Eli (Kevin)and Samuel (Jeff) sleeping as God calls to Samuel!

God (Corby) speaks to Samuel!

Our gas fireplace insert in the parish hall is wonderful on days like this!

A great meal!  Comfort food--tortellini with beef and sausage, squash, salad, and bread!  And a banana cake and apple pie for dessert!  Left around the table--Kevin, Corby, and Jeff (the Varnesses), John Tennefoss, Rev. Lorraine Dierick (the birthday girl!), Rev. Joyce and Lee (the Averys), Rev. Bonnie Campbell and the empty place (Jim Campbell--the photographer!).