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Easter Sunday 2012
Left--The Bread & Wine for the Communion--the rolls (not buns!) actually though did taste like hot cross buns with raisins (because they were!).  Right--The font ready for the recommitment of our Baptismal Vows.

Left--The flower cross--a long tradition here!  Right--The Narthex, decorated to greet the folks coming in!

Aaron & Jeffrey carry in the flower cross in the procession!

The opening procession--with crosses and the paschal candle carried in.

The congregation reciting their baptismal vows.

The blessing of the water!

Asperging the congregation with the blessed water of baptism!

Aaron Williams and Kevin Varness are blessed for their birthdays at the Peace!

The Altar Table is prepared for Communion.

Finishing the Communion--the clergy receive last!

The beautiful Altar Table with the flower offerings in front.

More flowers!

It's Easter egg hunt time! 

The littlest kids started to figure this out and grab eggs for their bags--with help!

Michael figured this out right away--a full bag!

Aaron easily got his allotment.

Jeffrey and Aaron check out their hauls!

Treats and fellowship for all!

The Easter bunny and the Easter tree watch over our many treats--plenty for everyone!