St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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Christmas Eve 2012
Left: A recent years' tradition of poinsettias to remember those loved ones from christmases past, and in front the rickety 
creche readied with cloth strips for the baby Jesus. Right: The nativity scene finally ready with everyone there for the Birth of Jesus.

Left: Our large cross, decorated with gold cloth to symbolize the magnificence of the birth of Jesus.  Right: Our Advent
"wreath", with its 4 Advent candles and the center white one for Christmas.

Left: One of 8 bronze wall holders for Christmas greens to bring color to the nave.  Right: A long tradition in our church,
a Christmas tree in our worship space.  Used to be a real tree (partly to show our long heritage as being the Christmas
tree farm town); now is artificial just to manage it better. Decorated with strictly Christmas story related items.