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2013 Sermons
Christmas I (12/29/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --What Was Seen At Bethlehem?

Christmas Eve (12/24/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --And that little baby smiled.

Advent IV Sunday (12/22/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Recognize that Jesus was our sign and look to him for answers to determine how we should live.  Do we live under the law or do we bend our hearts toward compassion?

Advent III Sunday (12/15/2013) - Jim Campbell

     --We want God’s intervention, while God wants our collaboration.  God’s kingdom is here, but only insofar as we accept it, enter it, live it, and thereby establish it. 

Advent II Sunday (12/8/2013) - Corby Varness
    --We must do our part to clear the way, to turn our heads, to straighten the path.  But he is coming.  A little baby is coming.

Advent I Sunday (12/1/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --The Advent candle has been lit and the feeling of Christmas is upon us, but are we ready for Christmas yet?  I don't think so.  I think that's why there are FOUR Sundays in Advent. 

Christ the King Sunday (11/24/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Pray, serve, forgive, and love.  As Christians we are followers of Christ our King charged with being the church in the world.

Pentecost 26 Sunday (11/17/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell

     --So here we are watching for the time we will see him face to face.  That time when we will recognize him.  That time when we realize he has been watching for us.

Pentecost 25 Sunday (11/10/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Our present way to “be church” is like putting an aquarium on the beach and expecting the fish to jump into it, instead of taking the aquarium and ourselves into the water—or go “Wade in the Water”.

All Saints Sunday (11/3/2013) - Corby Varness
     --We are part of the Communion of saints here on earth, working in our small ways for the Kingdom of God while being cheered on by those who have gone before us.

Pentecost 23 Sunday (10/27/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --The whole world needs the love that is in us, the forgiveness that is in us -- beginning with our own families and then extending ever outward.   

Pentecost 22 Sunday (10/20/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --"Forget your perfect offering, just ring the bell that you can ring.  There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in."

Pentecost 21 Sunday (10/13/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Our challenge for this week could be to intentionally see the many God given graces in our lives and pray the thanksgivings to our Lord.

Bless Pets Sunday (10/6/2013) - Corby Varness
     --Our pets teach us how to love each other.  Our pets lift us to the joy divine.  Without effort, they teach us about unconditional love.  They love us the way that God loves us. 

Pentecost 19 Sunday (9/29/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --God gave us each other to live with and to support each other.

Pentecost 18 Sunday (9/22/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery

     --God wants us to live as one family, to work together for justice and peace on earth.

Pentecost 17 Sunday (9/15/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell 
      --Jesus constantly is reminding us that he came to turn the world upside down--to cancel out karma.  In Christ there is a new creation, the old has passed away.

Pentecost 16 Sunday (9/8/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --There is a choice to be made and choosing God has a cost; not choosing God has a cost. There are no cheap choices. There is a choice that leads to life for oneself and others. It is the costly road of following Jesus.

Pentecost 15 Sunday (9/1/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --We can live our lives this way, to invite those with less—the poor, the crippled, and lame and the blind--into our banquets of life, and ensure that all are provided for and treated fairly and with dignity.  

Pentecost 14 Sunday (8/25/2013) - Corby Varness
     --In Jesus the word becomes flesh, and lives among us, full of grace and truth. The Word of God is not dead and static. The word is alive in Jesus and in his teachings.

Pentecost 13 Sunday (8/18/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --We are called to look to them as a promise of God's presence and God's protection; we are to look to them and trust in the hand of God to carry us through.

Pentecost 12 Sunday (8/11/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Do not be afraid friends, it is our Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom.  And this is the kingdom he wants to give us, the kingdom where everyone, everywhere is received and welcomed and honored and loved as Jesus himself.

Pentecost 11 Sunday (8/4/2013) - Rev. Sarah Monroe
     --The freedom Jesus preaches is for us too. We are called to follow Jesus to a new way of life.

Pentecost 10 Sunday (7/28/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Jesus’ teaching about prayer is that we should pray so often, and so regularly, and so persistently that we become as familiar with God as we are our neighbors and friends. 

Pentecost 9 Sunday (7/21/2013) - Corby Varness
     --Let’s sit quietly and allow the still, small voice of God a chance to be heard without having to shout through all of our distractions.

Pentecost 8 Sunday (7/14/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --If we can feel the grace that the beaten man experienced when he was helped by an enemy, we will know what God intends for all his children.

Pentecost 7 Sunday (7/7/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Satan is fired.  All of us are called to go out in the name of Christ and tell His story--to tell our stories so the accuser has no power.

Pentecost 6 Sunday (6/30/2013) - Corby Varness
     --When we go through troubling times, God is with us.  Focusing on God can feel like holding onto a lifeline, the only rope we have to keep us afloat.

Pentecost 5 Sunday (6/23/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --We have received the greatest gift – the Holy Spirit of God – by faith.  Under law, we are blessed and grow spiritually by earning and deserving.  By our faith, and the grace of God, we are blessed and grow spiritually by believing and receiving.

Pentecost 4 Sunday (6/16/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery

Pentecost 3 Sunday (6/9/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --We are the church. We represent Christ in the world. How can we use the power we have to help resurrect the world? Let’s stop telling people there is no room in the inn while we set up our nativity scenes for all the world to see.

Pentecost 2 Sunday (6/2/2013) - Corby Varness

     --God is not small.  God isn’t judging us by Pentecostal, Episcopal or Roman Catholic constraints.  God isn’t seeing us as Jewish, Confucian or Islamists.  God is bigger, way bigger than that.

Trinity Sunday (5/26/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Are we to become experts about all things Godly, and Christian, and religious?  Or are we just called to understand God, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit better—to learn what is asked of each of us with our lives.

Pentecost Sunday (5/19/2013) - Corby Varness
     --Let’s bend like willows in the face of God’s Holy Spirit.  Let’s allow the mighty wind of the Spirit to blow us out into the world to do the will of God.

Easter 7 Sunday (5/12/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --How do we exhibit this hospitality and compassion to others? How grateful are we for what God has given us? Can we be as compassionate as the jailer to those who are not like us? Who are we inviting to drink of the living water?

Easter 6 Sunday (5/5/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Every once in a while it is good to be reminded about what could be possible for those who believe when they leave this life on Earth, and the end of Revelation tells us of the most in imaginable future anyone could think or dream about.

Easter 5 Sunday (4/28/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --We should love one another, just as God has loved us.

Easter 4 Sunday (4/21/2013) - Corby Varness
     --We have Christ and we have each other here to help us as we bump along our rocky paths.  Christ holds out his hand to us, offering his love and guidance. 

Easter 3 Sunday (4/14/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
      --"Feed my sheep, tend my sheep, follow me."

Easter 2 Sunday (4/7/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
      --“My Lord and my God!”  Thomas redefines who God is, what God is and where God is.  God is here, God is now, and somehow Jesus is part of it.  Mind blowing--all of it!

Easter Sunday (3/31/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --His message to us today is so very clear--to act as he did, by giving up ourselves for the sake of others!

Maundy Thursday (3/28/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.

Palm Sunday (3/24/2013) - The Passion reading (everyone participated!)

Lent 5 (3/17/2013) - Corby Varness

     --God is not stingy with love and we mustn’t be either. Today is the day to express your love. Please be extravagant with it!

Lenten 5 Friday Homily (3/15/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
e can wonder--is Jesus telling us it is okay to seek out a blessing--that sometimes it is okay to ask for things for ourselves? That perhaps occasionally we can do something that heals our own souls and delights our own hearts so that we can carry on caring for the poor.

Lent 4 (3/10/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --God is saying that to us now: "All that is mine is yours- - Life and light and love and hope and the possibility of making a difference in your family and in the world out there - it's all yours."

Lenten Article (Vidette) - Corby Varness
     --This season of Lent is a good time to judge our own behavior.   The primary commandment is to love one another.  How are we doing with that?

Lent 3 (3/3/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
     --Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store. One more dawn, One more day, One day more!

Lent 2 (2/24/2013) - Rev. Bonnie Campbell
     --Help us, O God, to ensure that everyone in our world has enough.  Help us to learn ways to lift others up, to provide dignity and respect to those for whom [dignity and respect] are in short supply.

Lent 1 (2/17/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Our faith in God, these words of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit we receive in Baptism, however, can be used to help us in our times of temptation and troubles.

Epiphany 5 (2/10/2013) - Corby Varness
     --We’ve had the season of Epiphany and said Aha over and over again but nothing, nothing compares to the ultimate Aha moment of Easter!

Epiphany 4 (2/03/2013) - Rev. Joyce Avery
     --Part of becoming a maturing Christian is learning how to put our boundaries and expectations aside in order to listen to what God's are. Being a Christian isn't easy.

Epiphany 3 (1/27/2013) - Rev. Lorraine Dierick
      --Jesus is still doing those things because the church continues his mission. His mission now is our mission as the body of Christ in the world.

Epiphany 2 (1/20/2013) - Jim Campbell
     --Try to look for and listen to each other and as we celebrate our worship to see what epiphanies are there.

Epiphany 1 (1/13/2013) - Corby Varness
     --Our baptism, whenever it takes place, however it occurs, brings us closer to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit then guides us throughout our lives to bring us closer to God. 

Epiphany (1/06/2013) - Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel