St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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Special worship services and community events each year:

Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day (February, 2010-our 100th was celebrated with our Bishop Greg Rickel attending) 
Maundy Thursday Dinner/Worship (w/St. Luke’s) (March/April)
Ecumenical Summer Bible Camp (July)
Annual Church Picnic (August)
Annual Blessing of the Pets Sunday (October)
Annual Halloween Open House Treats for Kids (October)
[The Pancake Day event (our 104th) netted over $1200 in 2014, all of this was given for local outreach.]

        Joint Worship/Picnic w/St. Luke's

                          Maundy Thursday Worship & Meal

       Clergy & Delegates at Diocesan Convention

                  Burmese Mountain Dogs Group at City of Lights 

    Annual Rummage Sale for Community Support

                  Ecumenical Summer Bible Camp--St. Mark's 
                          gets the preschoolers each year!