St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

Latest Finances Summary

Summary of St. Mark’s Finances—12/4/2018 (last 11/5/2018)

Net Operating Year to Date--$-1,866.68 (last $-3,160.48) 

Our regular expenses dropped, as we went through the Summer and Fall months. We have been able to continue our larger outreach expenses by using $3,650 from the Sagen Outreach fund this year (revenues received in 2017, not 2018, and that money is already in our operating account).

Total Operating Expenses--$26,616.00 (last $25,123.71)
Highlights—All normal bills received and paid current.  
​Outreach to Date—$13,407.76   Diocesan Assessment Required/Paid—$1,699.39 (completed for the year)

Total Operating Revenues--$22,981.23 (last $21,963.23)
The total revenues for the year are near or better than budgeted levels, except for pledges received.   
Non-Operating Revenues--$1,390.54  Non-Operating Expenses--$721.96
Net Non-Operating Year to Date--$668.58

Net All Operating and Non-Operating Year to Date--$-2,966.19 (last $367.38)
St. Mark's, Montesano Funds Summary—Total is $69,366.00 (last $72,699.57)
--Operating Fund (General)--$3,294.03 (last $3,768.32)

  • General/Designated Checking Account—$2,789.93 (last $3,264.22)
  • General/Designated Savings Account--$504.10 (last $504.10)

--Diocesan Investment Fund (St Mark Legacy)--$28,099.35 (last $29,329.49)  

  • Memorial Fund (part of DIF)--$735.10 (last $767.28)

--Diocesan Investment Fund (St John Legacy)--$37,578.78 (last $39,223.80) 
--Clergy Discretionary Fund/Checking Account--$393.84 (last $377.96)

Designated Funds (part of Checking Account):

  • Sagan Outreach Fund (initial-$10,000)--$1,350.00
  • Caton Chaplains Dinner Fund (initial-$3,600)--$1,482.34