St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

Latest Finances Summary

Summary of St. Mark’s Finances—7/16/2019

Net Operating Year to Date--$5,731.38

For the year so far, we have had the usual, although higher energy bills, as other years.  We have been able to continue our monthly outreach Chaplains using Caton funds, and we are set up with $5000 from the DIF to do more outreach or support normal expenses as needed.  

Total Operating Expenses--$13,167.08
Highlights—All bills received and paid current.  
​Outreach to Date—$4,181.84   Diocesan Assessment Required/Paid—$1,275.25 

Total Operating Revenues--$18,898.76
The total revenues for the year are near or better than budgeted levels, except for pledges received.   
Non-Operating Revenues--$6,095.98   Non-Operating Expenses--$464.71
Net Non-Operating Year to Date--$5,631.27

Net All Operating and Non-Operating Year to Date--$11,362.95 
St. Mark's, Montesano Funds Summary—Total is $72,290.36 
--Operating Fund (General)--$7,917.88

  • General/Designated Checking Account—$7,413.75
  • General/Designated Savings Account--$504.13

--Diocesan Investment Fund (St Mark Legacy)--$25,440.81  

  • Memorial Fund (part of DIF)--$746.25

--Diocesan Investment Fund (St John Legacy)--$38,660.55 
--Clergy Discretionary Fund/Checking Account--$271.12

Designated Funds (part of Checking Account):

  • Sagan Outreach Fund (initial-$10,000)--$0
  • Caton Chaplains Dinner Fund (initial $3,600, added $1,200)--$946
  • DIF Supported Operations/Outreach Fund--$5,000