St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

Clergy Over The Years

St. Mark’s Ministers (1885-present)


Priests assigned to mission work in Montesano prior to becoming a mission church of St. Mark’s:

Reuben Denton Nevius

Lemuel Henry Wells

J. H. Forest Bell

Leigh Wilson Applegate

Henry Steele

George Buzzell


Rectors of Holy Trinity, Hoquiam (supporting St. Mark’s):

Clarence H. Lake         December, 1910—1912

George Garbett Ware  1920—July, 1929

Elmer B. Christie         January, 1930—March, 1934

George Foster Pratt     January, 1935—July, 1939

David W. C. Graham   December, 1939—September, 1940

J. Thomas Lewis          May, 1941—October, 1943

H. Alfred Rogers          June, 1944—May, 1945

B. Stanley Moore         November, 1945—June, 1951


Vicars of the Eastern Grays Mission (St. Mark’s and St. Luke’s): (A Vicar was appointed to serve all of Eastern Grays Harbor as well as Montesano, where the clergy usually resided. )

Warren P. Frank         July, 1951—June, 1955

John Mann                  January, 1956—June, 1958

Rex Clift Simms         January, 1959—June, 1964

Charles C. Carman     December, 1964—May, 1966

Ernest Radcliffe          June, 1966—December, 1969

Edward O. Winckley   January, 1970—August, 1972

Robert L. Christie       September, 1972—October, 1979

Walter Knowles          October, 1980—March, 1984


Vicars supporting St. Mark’s: (along with other area missions)

George Sheldon         October, 1984—May, 1988

Hume (Skip) Reeves  July, 1988—March, 1993


Priests and Deacons of St. Mark’s: (called from within the congregation and ordained thru the Total Ministry program)

F. Lorraine Dierick     March, 1993—present (Priest)

Dorothy McMeekin     March, 1999—present (Deacon)

Joyce Avery              March, 1999—present (Deacon)

Boneta Campbell       November, 2008—present (Priest)