St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

Sarah's Story

Sarah first came to St. Mark’s in July 2009, and quickly became a strong member, confirmed in September 2009 during Bishop Greg Rickel’s visit to St. Mark’s.  She pledged to St. Mark’s for 2010, and has been faithful to her commitment, in money and in time and talent.  She has joined the Altar Guild, participates and has led a few times our weekly Bible Study, is a Lector, has trained and is now a licensed Worship Leader, and is part of our preaching rota (as a Total Ministry church we have several preachers) under the supervision of our priests.  She also has joined our priests in their visiting local jail ministry for women at the Grays Harbor County jail.

As her home church, we are honored to have the opportunity to support the development of a new, young priest who will go out into the world to do God’s work.   We have been so lucky to have Sarah in our midst.  Sarah has had an impact on each of us through her excellent preaching, her encyclopedic knowledge of the bible has enriched our bible studies and she was of great help with editorial support for the history book.  She has also become well respected for the work she has done in the diocese. 

Each of us has an opportunity to offer financial support to Sarah, who has been called by God to the priesthood.  St. Mark’s has set up a special “Seminary/Education fund” which will be used to help with Sarah’s education.  Any additional money in this fund can be used for St. Mark’s clergy and lay education.  Sarah will be needing our support for the three years it takes to complete her seminary education.  One of the expenses we are helping with is her medical insurance. 

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