St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

2016 Events

Christmas Celebration (12/24/2016), 5pm, at St. Mark's
Decorating of the worship space was done in stages during Advent up until after the worship service on the Sunday before Christmas, December 18th.  Christmas Eve service this year is on Saturday, December 24th at 5:00PM, an intimate festive communion service with several Christmas hymns (including the lighting of individual candles during "Silent Night") for the 22 who attended!  And, there was plenty of wonderful refreshments and fellowship afterwards. We also had Sunday worship on Christmas Day, December 25th, 10am, with 11 people getting up for this event.  Our 12 days of Christmas continues up until Epiphany and the Baptism of Jesus on Sunday, January 8th.

All Saints Celebration (11/6/2016), 10:00AM at St. Mark’s
All Saints Day--we celebrated those who came before us.  There was a combination of tables for displaying pictures of those loved ones who we remembered during the service, and candles to light as we prayed for them.  

Kids Halloween Treats (10/31/2016) at St. Mark’s 
On a very rainy and cold evening many kids got lots of treats, and there were dog treats, and restrooms were available for all in this evening of fun in the neighborhood.  From about 5-7:30pm, many kids with their parents came by, and the costumes were awesome!  We were our usual decorating items for them, too!

Diocesan Convention (10/21-22/2016) at the Seatac Hilton Hotel Center
Rev. Lorraine Dierick, Jim Campbell, and Rev. Bonnie Campbell attended for St. Mark's.  

Blessing of the Pets Sunday (10/2/2016) at St. Mark's  
Our 14th annual special service for our pets was a great time of joy for all involved.  In the past, mini horses, several dogs and cats and a bird and their owners received blessing for another year.  The collection of almost $300 taken this year was split between the Grays Harbor PAWS and the Freedom Tails programs, as always. 

Annual Church Picnic (Sunday, 8/28/2016) at St. Mark's 
We had it here at church! Inside!! A small but well fed group knows not to test mother nature, so we just had a lot of great food and discussion!  

Back to School Supplies Drive at St. Mark's (Month of August/2016) 
We collected lots of emergency/extra supplies for the local Montesano school kids again this year, after we found out what they really needed. Thanks to all for your help and generosity! 

​Bishop Visit Sunday (5/29/2016) 10am at St. Mark's
Our Diocesan Bishop Greg Rickel visited St. Mark's to preside and preach at our Sunday service.  This was an opportunity to see our great Diocesan leader do his worship and preaching thing, and then to meet with him over a nice lunch to learn more about him and his ideas for the larger church.  As part of this day, Corby and Kevin Varness had their civil marriage of long ago blessed, and Deacon Joyce Avery had her new house blessed.   

Pentecost Sunday (5/15/2016) 10am at St. Mark's

There was lots of Red--vestments, with some of the many flowers, on the old altar and ambo, and worn by most of the people.  And red balloons this year!  And then lots of treats! 

Easter Season Events at St. Mark’s: (3/20-3/27/2016)
Palm Sunday Communion Service: March 20th—Included a reading of the passion story and blessing of the palms.  A really nice service of the palms.
Maundy Thursday Communion Service: March 24th—A small group gathered for the service, including foot washing like Jesus did for his disciples, and a generous potluck meal after the service.  
Good Friday Service: March 25th, noon at St. Mark’s.  For the few faithful, it was our own short service.
Good Friday Ecumenical Service: March 25th, 7:00PM was held at Monte Presbyterian Church.  
Easter Sunday Communion Service: March 27th—celebration of the Risen Christ, renewal of Baptismal vows, and Easter Egg hunt for 6 kids, too! 

Ashes to Go on Ash Wednesday (2/10/2016) at the Montesano Post Office
Revs. Bonnie Campbell and Lorraine Dierick imposed ashes at the Montesano Post Office (including the drive through) to all comers from 12:30 to 2pm.  

106th Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day Event (2/9/2016) at St. Mark's
Our 106th Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day event at St. Mark's was a major success this year. Special thanks ito all the volunteers who help us make this happen. We raises $1300 in net proceeds to give to local groups—$500 each for the Monte Food Bank and the Children's Advocacy Center, and $300 to Coastal Harvest.  A lot of pancakes, lots of fellowship, and plenty of tired feet--but a lot of fun, too for this Montesano community that comes together each year for this.