St. Mark's Episcopal Church

124 North Sylvia Street - Montesano, WA, 98563

2013 Events

Christmas Celebration (12/24/2013), 5pm, at St. Mark's
Our Christmas Eve service was a festive communion service with several Christmas hymns (including the lighting of individual candles during "Silent Night") for all 32 who attended.  And, there was wonderful refreshments and fellowship afterwards. 

"The Year They Cancelled Christmas"
John Tennefoss, our organist, found this old article in a sheet music magazine from December, 1985: Article

Advent Pictures Displayed in our Parish Hall, December, 2013

103rd Diocesan Convention (11/9-10/2013) at the Hotel Murano, Tacoma
Rev. Lorraine Dierick, Rev. Bonnie Campbell, Martha Krug, Jim Campbell, and Mary Stubb attended for St. Mark's.  

All Saints Celebration (11/3/2013), 10:00AM at St. Mark’s
All Saints Day, we celebrated those who came before us.  We had a table for displaying pictures of those loved ones who we remembered during the service, and some candles to light as we prayed for them.  

Kids Halloween Treats (10/31/2012) at St. Mark’s 
We handed out kids treats, dog treats, and provide coffee and restrooms for all in this evening of fun in the neighborhood. From about 5-7pm, many kids with their parents came by, and the costumes are awesome! Pictures are here.

Blessing of the Pets Sunday (10/6/2013) at St. Mark's  
Special service for 10 dogs, a cat, a bird, and several stuffed animals (a ray, and a manatee to remind us of the severe plight of animals like these now) and their owners. Beautiful weather day and a time of joy for all involved.  $100 each donated to the Grays Harbor PAWS and the Freedom Tails programs.  

Annual Church Picnic (9/15/2013) at St. Mark's 
We had it here at church! Inside!! We know not to test mother nature!  21 of us for a great worship service with uplifting music and super food and fellowship.

Invest Ed Program at Montesano High School (September, 2013)
A check for $600 was sent to Montesano High to a program called Invest Ed (which matches our donation up to $500), for students' needs--like books, lunches, clothes, special issues, etc.  $542 was originally given to St. Mark's from All Saints, Bellevue as their designee for their Christmas 2012 offering.  It went into our DIF account when we couldn't do this last Spring, and it has grown a little so more is available for this donation.  Thanks, again, All Saints!

Back to School Supplies Drive at St. Mark's (Month of August/2013) 
We collected several hundred $$ of emergency/extra supplies for the local Montesano school kids again this year. Thanks to all for your help and generosity! 

Montesano Community Bible Camp (7/8-7/12/2013) 
Another fantastic ecumenical Bible Camp week!  Over 190 kids participated, with St. Mark's having the pre-kindergarteners again.   Pictures are here.
Update on Our Beautiful Maples Trees 
We were really fortunate that our city of Montesano saw things like we did--that these trees should be saved if they were healthy.  They asked the PUD to trim them thoroughly but leave them unless they were dying.  Results--five very much trimmed trees!  Pictures are here.

Our Beautiful Maples Trees Are In Real Need of Trimming--Or Worse!  
These Nordic Maples appear as rather small saplings in a 1909 pic of St. Mark Episcopal Church in Montesano, WA. I include these photographs from May 19, 2013 because we expect Asplundh to come in any day now and do some major trimming. We will see if we have all five at the end of the process. The trees are really beautiful right now but they have grown again way into the power lines. Well, it will certainly reduce the amount of leaves to rake up this fall.  As we await their fate, pictures over the years are here.

Our Pancake Day Griddle is Indeed Dead!!
Our griddle used since the mid 1950s for making pancakes for our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day event each year is officially kaput! An repair man came last week to check it out, after it failed at the start of this year Pancake Day, and said that it is done.  The issue is in the griddle surface part itself and there are no replacement parts available for a 70 plus year old device.  So, it was removed, and the church is looking at its replacement options and also maybe some changes in our kitchen at this same time.  We'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, information about this once super reliable device can be found here.  (No one knows for sure but we think St. Mark's might have obtained this griddle from a local restaurant after it closed in the early 1950s.  A place called the Goodie Garden once was used for our Pancake Day event from the late 1930s to the early 1950s, before the main parish hall and kitchen was built in 1954.)  A picture of the griddle on its way to the scrap heap!

​Easter Sunday Service (3/31/2013), 10:00am, at St. Mark's
The most ridiculously beautiful day for Easter ever!  Sunny with 60 degrees made for a very upbeat celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Twenty-one faithful, including 5 children, worshipped and sang and got doused with spray from our renewal of baptismal vows, by the kids.  After, a celebration of three year old Abby's birthday and an Easter egg hunt (about 3 dozen plastic, filled eggs for each kid), and plenty of fellowship.  Pictures are here.

Good Friday Ecumenical Service (3/29/2013), 7:00pm, at Montesano Methodist Church
Our small but faithful town of Montesano has a really great attitude about our collective Christian faith!

This evening many of us met for an ecumenical Good Friday service, led by our Montesano Ministerial Association, at our local Methodist church—over 100 people attended. Our 8 churches run the spectrum of the Christian tradition and experience:
St. John’s Catholic         St. Mark’s Episcopal           Montesano United Methodist
Montesano Presbyterian      Montesano Church of God           Montesano Assembly of God Montesano First Baptist Calvary Chapel

The service tonight showed the wonderful respect we have for each other and coming together in our common call to mission in our community, not only to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all who will hear it, but also to help those in need in all walks of life. Just beautiful music and messages about the life and death of Jesus, and looking toward Easter:
“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”
“How deep the Father’s Love for Us” (the Presbyterian Bell choir)
“Breathe” (sung by Pastor Marc Rice and Marie Barker)
Psalm 22 said together as one in a whisper
“Breathe on Me, Breath of God”
“In His Dying Breath” (the 30 members of a combined churches choir)
“What Wondrous Love is This?”

The collection taken will be given to local needs in many ways, as always.

We now all move on to that joyous resurrection on Easter morning celebrated in our churches!

Maundy Thursday (3/28/2013), 6:30pm, at St. Mark's
It all started with a wonderful meal for the group--4 fantastic homemade soups, breads and rolls, a carrot soufflé, and apple crisp. Then we celebrated the Last Supper and washing of feet just as Jesus did for his disciples that fateful night before his death. (As their clear leader, he became their servant, by washing each one’s feet and explaining to them how to be loving servant leaders.) We read this Gospel story, then the twelve of us did the same for each other, and it was good to remind us about how we can be servants to others, to show God’s love in our communities.

Church Annual Meeting at St. Mark's (2/17/2013), 11am, at St. Mark's
This short meeting was held following the Sunday morning Holy Communion service, in the Parish Hall. A light lunch, heavy with desserts, for all was organized.  Review of the last year at St. Mark's, the 2013 approved budget, and discussion about our outreach fundraisers and benefactors was held.  We did agree to stop having our Fall Rummage Sale, due to issues with support, challenges with some of the "customers who were being too pushy and almost fighting over some of the items for sale", and the net amount raised being low as compared to the amount of effort.  Elections for the Bishop's Committee and Delegates for Convention were discussed, but not held--need some newer people to serve. 

Ash Wednesday Service (2/13/2013), 6pm, at St. Mark's
A service of the imposition of ashes and communion, followed by wonderful soups and bread meal to begin Lent was held, with 19 people, not only with some of our own members, but also some of our friends from the Montesano Church of God and First Methodist churches.

103rd Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day Event (2/12/2013), 11am to 6:30pm, at St. Mark's 
This year we again raised funds to support local needs--Montesano Food Bank, Childrens Advocacy Center, and Coastal Harvest.  We served a record of well over 1000 pancakes, ham, applesauce, and beverages to our friends from Montesano, Aberdeen, and other parts of western Washington.  Thanks to all who helped, and contributed to this successful event.  We raised a net of over $1150 plus a $200 donation to our Clergy Discretionary Fund (which also helped crisis situations in our area).  

Bishop Rickel’s Visit (1/6/2013) at St. Mark’s 
Our Diocesan Bishop Greg Rickel visited us on Epiphany Sunday.  He, along with Deacon Becky Scott and Diocesan Council Rep Sue Rolfe, worshipped with us (about 25 this day), including the renewal of baptismal vows and dedication of our newer altar table.  A very nice lunch afterwards and then an open forum of Q&As with Bishop Greg was held among those who could stay.  It was great to celebrate Epiphany on a Sunday, with all our Christmas season decorations still up and the Bishop's enthusiasm with this special day.  Greg's sermon is located on our diocesan website.